A great team

We are working hard to make PLOOTA happen!

Everything started with a vision, with the idea to revolutionize the water safety.
The spark was started by Rainer – the fire grows now together with the team.

Our international team brings out the best of everyone. It combines creative heights with a down-to-earth sense of security. A combination of creativity and experience, new technologies and trusted materials – and we do all this with one scope: to keep you safe when you´re in the water!

Rainer Fakesch

The Spark (CEO & Founder)

As a fire protection expert water used to be his best friend but after an almost drowning accident of close family members, he became aware what a big threat water can be even for good swimmers. He came up with the idea and developed PLOOTA to revolutionize water safety.

Melanie Weichel

The Core

Ideas and actions are volatile like atoms. Every team needs a core, a nucleus who keeps it all together with its stability and his view for the whole even in rough times. Ideas, people and information are circling around her and she keeps everything on the right track.

Walter Fleps

The Organized

When it comes to facts and figures, Walter has everything under control and keeps track. Common goals are made possible, the implementation is checked by him and new goals are set. He is in a visionary.

Vlad Enescu

The creative

Draft 1, draft 2 or draft 13 – no matter how often he has to transform our ideas into visual graphics and then gets brushed aside by our next modifications, he loves what he´s doing and always surprises us with his phantasy. Pictures, graphics or videos – everything we need, he´s the one.

Johann F. Fakesch

The experienced

Today he doesn’t have to do anything anymore. But today he may and he wants to help us with all his experience, his bright mind and his mechanical skills but most of all with his endless experience and his will never to give up no matter why or what has to be improved.

T. Storti & C. Rummel

The designer

Without them PLOOTA would probably look like a car tire. Driven by passion for fascinating, up-to-date products, their team “pearl creative” transformed our idea into PLOOTA making it not only another technical device but a product you will love to wear.